german chocolate cake pops


My name is Heather Spurlock and I am the owner of Butterfly Cake Poppers. Before becoming a mother, I was always on the go. Once I became a mother, it became increasingly difficult to find time to bake or cook. My little guy took up all of my time. Thankfully, I had my mom around to help me out. I have always loved baking and trying new things. I went into a coffee shop one day and fell in love with this thing called a "cake pop". There were only three flavors available and I only cared for one of them.

After a while, I wanted more choices! I started looking online but only found a small variety of flavors available. This was one of my motivations to start Butterfly Cake Poppers. I wanted to provide custom flavors and reasonable prices for quality products. After a lot of research, I decided I wanted to offer something that tastes great, is very affordable, and gives my customers the option to create a flavor of their own.

Many times, things come up at the last minute. You may not have enough time to prepare something for an upcoming gathering. You may need a special treat or several different types of treats. Butterfly Cake Poppers will provide you with a high quality, great tasting product, perfect for any gathering. Cake Poppers and Pops are not messy (eating utensils are not required) and children love them! Cake Poppers and Pops fulfill that urge for something sweet, without consuming hundreds of calories!