german chocolate cake pops


What are Cake Pops?
Cake Pops are all of the tasty things we enjoy about cake, rolled up into a bite size ball, dipped in chocolate, and displayed on a stick. They can be made into many different shapes and decorated with many different sanding sugars, sprinkles, or non pareils.
What are Cake Poppers?
Cake Poppers are delectable bite-size cake treats dipped in chocolate, just like Cake Pops, except there is no stick.
Where did we come up with the idea of Cake Poppers?
Cake Poppers was designed so that people could enjoy cake without having to use a fork! This delectable treat can be enjoyed without making a mess! Perfect for kids, at the office, or when having a party.
Do we have gluten free products?
All of our chocolate is gluten free and celiac safe.
Do we offer chocolate alternatives?
Yes. For those who are allergic to chocolate, we can use Carob as a substitute.
Do we offer shipping?
Yes, Priority Shipping is totally FREE to everyone in the US.
Do we deliver locally?
Yes, we deliver to Jacksonville homes, businesses, and events.
How long will Cake Pops and Poppers stay fresh?
They will stay fresh for 10 days.
What payment methods does Butterfly Cake Poppers accept?
We accept payments through Paypal and Square. For local order, other arrangements are possible. Due to Cake Pops and Poppers being made fresh for each order, payment is required prior to creating your treats.